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Shining a Light on Snook Fishing

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

When you add under gunnel lights to your boat you increase your chances of catching snook. Project light in or on top of water creates a natural food chain reaction. Lighting at night will attract small micro animals called plankton. Bait fish are drawn to the light to feed on the plankton. Soon, larger game fish move in to feed on the bait fish. Soon, the bait fish begin stacking up and that's when the party gets started.

If you do not see fish gatheringaround the light after 30-45 minutes, relocate your boat and try a different spot in the water. Game fish follow the baitfish, so stay on the move until you spot them.

This North Star customer improved their night time snook fishing by having new under gunnel lights installed by our team! #northstarmarine#boatservices#snookseason

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